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At the height of summer every year, 3PBS has a series of free live music performance extravaganzas from its Studio 5 happening during drive time.

This event celebrates Melbourne’s vibrant live music scene. 

One of the many highlights was the fabulous Ainslie Wills performance of her song Society. 

Wills is a very talented writer, her work reminiscent of the American author William Kennedy. Moody, melodic Wills’s key music collaborator is Lawrence Folvig. 

Wills’s latest transcendent musical release is the EP Oh The Gold. She also put in a hypnotic performance at the recent Falls Music Festival. Later in the year she will be touring in the UK.

The Thursday, February 7 arvo 3PBS drive time show Fang It! hosted by the eminent Ruari Currin had a great clutch of awesome rockin' on nitrous oxide bands ripping out some stonkin' tunes. 

There were some great sets of music from some mighty Melbourne bands kicking out the jams, playing some sweet performances and I refer to Ute Root, LAI and Private Function! 

Ute Root are getting their mojo back for 2019 and the trio put in a ferocious set. They will be performing at The Old Bar on March 31 with Moody Beaches, Some Jerks and Party Pest! 

Moody Beaches should be worth checking out as they have just returned from a recent successful tour of New Zealand and they have a residency happening at The Old Bar through late March and April – something that will be an absolute apogee for many punters.

Another highlight was Jaala, the lead singer from Melbourne outfit Mangelwurzel.  Her debut solo album Hard Hold is an exceptional collection of songs showcasing her ability for great jazz-inflected tunes. She has been compared in a favourable way to Siouxsie Sioux.

Melbourne’s soul scene is going ballistic in the 21st century and one of the finest purveyors of Melbourne soul, That Gold Street Sound have just released their second album entitled Trick Of The Light. 

2018 was a phenomenal year for That Gold Street Sound and they have kicked off 2019 in sensational style with the launch of their incredible Trick Of The Light sophomore album. 

They have cranked out a phenomenal sassy funkified soul album. Kudos to That Gold Street Sound for delivering the goods. They are a very fine Old Melbourne Town musical posse. 

The first single from this much-anticipated album is the song Trick Of The Light, a song about the beauty of the light in the sky just before the sun rises, walking home, imagining that perchance you might be in love. One of the great things about That Gold Street Sound is that the lead singer has cajones. 

Other Melbourne soul bands that That Gold Street Sound draw inspiration from include Cookin On Three Burners, The SevenUps, The Sugar Canes, Sex On Toast, Fulton Street, Stevie And The Sleepers.

That Gold Street Sound came to the attention of many punters when they put in a scintillating show at the Taste of Melbourne Festival at Albert Park. That Gold Street Sound play their music for love. They play their music for the funk. You can catch That Gold Street Sound performing at the Northcote Social Club on Friday March 19. 

Legendary Northern Soul champion Vince Peach, the 3PBS Soul Time guru will be DJing at this event and the night will be like the Cherry Bar Thursday funk night travelling through time and space to a Saturday night in Northcote.

That Gold Street Sound are in pretty good shape and Trick Of The Light is a very well-balanced offering. The brass inflections are precise, with gut-busting flair, the drummer is total accuracy – the beat within the beat – and the lead singer has the cajones to deliver the party machine into full flight mode. The guitarist is on a par with the Lance Ferguson machine. 

Go you good thing That Gold Street Sound. Transient music for a golden afternoon filled with lustre and light. On this effort you cannot dismiss the mighty funk of That Gold Street Sound.

One overseas band that is a favourite of many Melbourne musos, Swervedriver have released a new album Future Ruins and the highlight song from this brilliant hypnotic space travel rock and roll group is the first track of the album Mary Winter. 

It is an absolute ripper of a Swervedriver song. The song narrative drive is about an astronaut reminiscing about his favourite things on planet earth. Swervedriver have a tremendous ability to go with great agility through the gears with sensational melodic inventiveness, going further and further into the sun. Of recent times Swervedriver have been touring promoting Future Ruins around America. Bravo Swervedriver.


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