Hannah wants your story

Honours year journalism student Hannah Scholte wants to know what it is like to live in the CBD.

The Monash University student is making a documentary film about city life and is keen to connect with local residents.

Her interest in the subject was sparked by a news snippet earlier this year which revealed that the CBD was now more popular for residential living than as a business location.

It was not long before she was immersed in the policy decisions and “settings” which made this possible.

But her interest is in how this plays out in the actual experience of the resident.

“I want to look at the social effects, as opposed to the environmental or economic effects,” Hannah said.

“I get the feeling that now is a really crucial time in the history of the area. There are so many new apartments under construction, but no one really knows how this will translate.”

“It makes we wonder what kind of future is being created right now.” The 24-year-old has already made contact with many of the “first-wave” of residents who have a particular perspective.

But she also wants to speak with some of the newer residents living in the newer towers. Ms Scholte is hoping her 20 minute film will be eventually shown on community TV or something similar.

She is preparing a complementary written study too. Hannah can be contacted via her website hannahscholte.com/current-projects

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