Helps around the office, addicted to fetch

By Jessica Carrascalao Heard

You’d think the hustle and bustle of a CBD office would not be a dog-friendly place.

But toy poodle Tucker is no stranger to office life. His owner, Megan Lewis, has been bringing him to work since he was a puppy.

“I got him on a Wednesday, so the Thursday and Friday he came in to work with me,” she said.

Tiny, teddy-bear faced Tucker is now one-and-a-half years old, but still accompanies Ms Lewis to her office in the CBD.

“Occasionally he comes in to work with me so he’s not at home by himself,” she said.

Ms Lewis said she worked “for a place that’s very friendly to dogs”, with others also bringing their pooches in from time to time. Tucker’s a favourite, and tries to help where he can.

“He likes jumping on people’s laps at their computer,” Ms Lewis laughs.

Though shy around strangers, Ms Lewis said Tucker was not like that at home, and was playful around people he knows.

He’s also a good guard dog.

“If anyone is to come near our house or even our office, he barks,” Ms Lewis said.

She takes him for a walks through Flagstaff Gardens during her lunch break, where Tucker likes to have a good sniff around.

She said if they had a ball, he’d like to play fetch.

“He’s addicted to fetch. He loves his ball,” she said.

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