He’s a big boy!

He's a big boy

By Niccola Anthony

Named after the Argentinian revolutionary leader, Che Guevara is a five-year-old Great Dane Bullmastiff-cross with a spotted coat and bright blue eyes.

But don’t be put off by his size or his steely demeanour, because this fierce-looking pup is gentle giant at heart.

Che has been living in the CBD for the past two years with his owner, Rae McCauley, who sought a lifestyle change from the relentless business of Sydney.

“I wanted to get away from the city for a while and see if I liked it,” Ms McCauley said.

“Melbourne is very chilled compared to Sydney. There’s too much hustle and bustle up there. It’s either a make or break place.”

“I’ve noticed that I’m the only person walking fast on the streets. People often stop and have a chat which is very foreign to me, because that never happens in Sydney!”

Ms McCauley regularly brings Che down to Flagstaff Gardens for his daily walk and refers to the green space as “his backyard”.

“He loves this park full stop. He needs to use his senses in order to get mentally tired, so that’s why he’s always sniffing around the trees,” Ms McCauley said.

Every now and then Ms McCauley will also take Che down to the dog beach at Port Melbourne where he can roam freely along the dunes off leash.

It’s clear from Che’s placid nature that, despite outward appearances, he’s a loving pooch who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

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