How to choose the best strata manager for your building

How to choose the best strata manager for your building

If you’re unhappy with your current owners’ corporation (OC) manager or simply wish to explore alternative options, understanding what to consider is crucial before making a decision.

Melcorp Strata knows that changing your manager can impact the quality of service, communication, and overall compliance within your building. That’s why we’ve put together some of the important factors to think about before choosing a new OC manager.

Consider your property needs

Understanding the unique requirements of your property is fundamental to selecting a manager that aligns with your specific needs. For example, if your building requires defect rectification, seek a manager well-versed in relevant legislation and experienced in managing such issues.

Older buildings might demand more maintenance, making it beneficial to appoint a manager with a maintenance background and an efficient online work order system.

Establish clear criteria and shortlist candidates accordingly, then compare their proposals or service agreements to ensure they have listened to and addressed your property’s needs.

Carefully assess the fees

While contemplating a change, carefully assess the fees associated with potential strata management. Ask yourself if the current fees match the level of service you are receiving.

Opting for a lower-cost manager may lead to subpar performance, while investing more may secure proactive management attuned to your building’s needs. It’s crucial to strike a balance between cost and service quality, ensuring that your chosen manager offers the best value for the fees charged.

Don’t overlook team structure

Team/staff structure is something that often goes overlooked. Consider scenarios where the strata manager may be unavailable – does the company have a robust team structure in place to support your OC?

A well-organised team, including competent assistants and qualified specialists in areas such as finance, can make a huge difference in keeping tasks on track and efficiently addressing issues within your building.

Melcorp Strata’s general manager Esin Falvo emphasised the importance of this: “A team-oriented approach proactively addresses any miscommunication between all stakeholders involved, whether owners, contractors, or the manager. Owners should feel assured that their property is in capable hands, with every aspect of its management handled with care and diligence.”

Remember, it’s not just about finding any strata manager – it’s about finding the perfect fit tailored to the distinctive needs of your property. After all, this is your home.

If you would like more expert advice, reach out to one of our dedicated strata managers today. •

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