In a league of his own

In a league of his own

By Sophie Berrill

Thurston the French bulldog was named after rugby league legend Johnathan Thurston.

Unlike his athletic counterpart, little Thurston still has some growing to do at 13 months old, and owner Marc Constantine laughs that his head has yet to catch up to his body.

Thurston isn’t Marc’s first pooch. His last dog was sadly euthanised when an attack by a bull mastiff left his staffy more vigilant and aggressive.

“His personality changed after the attack,” Marc said.

After some time to heal—and some nagging by his son—Marc brought home Thurston at five months old. There have been no signs of behavioural problems so far. If anything, Thurston is “a bit too friendly” with the other dogs at the park, so much so Marc has to hold Thurston back and wait whenever dogs pass.

“He’ll jump all over them,” Marc said.

Loving of animals and humans alike, Thurston is a smart and adventurous dog, who is used to the noises of apartment life on Lonsdale St. His only naughty habit is his overpowering urge to chew.

“He’s chewed my couch, chewed my chairs, he has chewed everything,” Marc said. “I get him a new toy, and he’ll chew the toy box before the toy.”

All is forgiven when Thurston adoringly waits at the front door any time the family returns home. He’s the companion they needed for city living •

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