Is your strata manager toxic?

Is your strata manager toxic?

Every owners’ corporation (OC) should have a strata manager whose skills complement and align with the unique requirements of their building.

However, if you are noticing signs of underperformance, it’s essential to address them promptly.

Let’s explore some of the key indicators that may suggest your manager is not meeting expectations.

Lack of communication

If you find yourself in the dark about what’s happening within your building or experiencing delays in receiving responses to your inquiries, this could be a red flag.

A proficient manager should foster clear and consistent communication, keeping all owners informed and engaged in the decision-making process.

Regular updates, timely responses to emails and calls, and a stable point of contact contribute to a well-managed property.

Hidden fees and extra costs

Transparency in financial matters is crucial to maintaining trust between owners and a manager. Be cautious if you notice unexplained charges or additional costs that were not initially disclosed.

A competent manager should work collaboratively with owners to control costs and provide a clear breakdown of their fees. 

Arguing with owners

Conflict resolution is an integral part of a manager’s responsibilities. Is your manager not listening to your needs? Do they ignore your concerns? Or fail to resolve disputes?

A proficient manager should facilitate any dispute resolution meeting in an unbiased manner, to ensure that all parties are given a fair opportunity to express their views and look at resolving each matter that arises to a satisfactory level for all parties.


A competent manager stays updated on current legislation, holds full membership with relevant strata associations, and isn’t afraid to share their knowledge with the committee.

If your current manager lacks experience dealing with the specific characteristics of your building type, whether it’s a residential high-rise or commercial lots, they may struggle to fully grasp the best-practice approach to managing your concerns. After all, each building is unique.

If you think your building would benefit from a new manager, Melcorp Strata can provide you with a clear and simple pathway to follow. You can follow our five-step guide to help make the transition easy. •

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