Joan meets the CBD!

The Metro Tunnel Project ended 2020 on a high note, with arrival of TBM Joan in the CBD prior to Christmas. 

TBM Joan bored into State Library Station’s central cavern 32 metres under Swanston St after tunnelling 1km from the Parkville Station site. 

Meanwhile TBM Meg is currently carving a parallel route to the CBD and is expected to arrive at State Library Station in the coming weeks. 

The two TBMs were launched from Parkville in October and November, after completing the 1.4km leg from Arden Station.

When TBM Meg breaks through in the CBD, both TBMs will have installed more than 25,530 concrete segments to line the western section of the Metro Tunnel from Kensington through to the State Library site. 

In coming months both TBMs will be transferred through State Library Station’s rail tunnels before being recommissioned and relaunched towards Town Hall Station later this year. 

Once the TBMs depart, works underground will continue at State Library Station including construction of the platform cavern walls and commencement of the underground passenger connections. 

Meanwhile TBMs Millie and Alice are tunnelling north from the Anzac Station site towards Town Hall Station.

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Laneway management is shambolic

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Ashley Davies

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