Jumbo Ugg Boots: “Ugg boots for everyone”

Jumbo Ugg Boots: “Ugg boots for everyone”

While Jumbo Ugg Boots is a 30-year-old business owned by Binder Enterprises, Chien Nguyen has been the “face and representative of the brand” for nearly 20 years at Queen Victoria Market (QVM).

Founded in Melbourne in 1989, Jumbo Ugg Boots is a family business renowned for its sheepskin products.

Using first-grade double-faced Australian sheepskin, the company started humbly with a single industrial sewing machine and has since grown into a trusted name in the industry.

“I came here about 20 years ago to study – at the time I worked for Binder Enterprises factory store in the market as a part-time job, and then was offered the chance to have my own business,” Mr Nguyen told CBD News.

When it comes to high-quality sheepskin footwear, Mr Nguyen distinguishes Jumbo Ugg Boots from cheaper products that are made from layered, glued-together pieces.

“It offers excellent insulation, breathability, and comfort. If you look at the sole, you can see it’s like a sports shoe sole and has very good support, always with double stitching,” he said.

Jumbo Ugg Boots offers a diverse range of footwear including men’s boots, women’s boots, fashion boots, kids’ boots, slippers, and moccasins, all proudly manufactured in Moorabbin.

Prices range from $59 to $109, reflecting the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that keep customers returning.

“It’s mainly me in the market because you don’t need too many people, it’s a simple and effective way to run it,” he said.


People talk to me, and they come back and check out the stuff and say, ‘Chien, I came back not just for the quality of the product but your personality as well – I can feel that you’re proud of what you’re doing’.


Now a regular face at the market, Mr Nguyen says the “unique community” at QVM has been an important pillar of support through the challenging times.

“The stallholders and customers create a very lively atmosphere, and the support from the local community has been incredible after COVID,” he said.

“Just this morning, a gentleman in his 70s came over and said, ‘Hey Chien, I bought your boots 12 months ago and I love them’ – it’s the small things that keep you going.”

Jumbo Ugg Boots is located at QVM in the E Shed at Stall 113-114, and is open Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8am to 3pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 4pm. •

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