Keep politics out of it

The CBD News article by Kevin Jingga, refers to the City of Melbourne presenting to major parties issues, of which one is “climate change”. 

As we know that label comprises of a bunch of world political issues, which are being fought out with real vigour. 

As a resident we do not pay rates for the council to act politically.

It’s very worrying if, as you say, the councillors were amazed at school children having a day out marching?

To indoctrinate children into politics is a sad situation.  (I just recalled, the council consults children with traffic problems.)

As residents, we simply need concentration on CBD issues and to redress the drastic decline in CBD liveability. Soon we will be vying with Amsterdam as the world’s worst western nation city.  There is no noticeable monitoring by MCC of what is happening on the streets.

I have attached PDF file, or continue to read below the same an email to our political leaders and relevant organisations reminding the pollies of what has got us into this mess, and if decisions are made in ignorance we will be cooking and reading under candle light. 

Or buying battery lights from China which is so-so happy at the political pressure onto western nations to scale down economies.


Laneway management is shambolic

Laneway management is shambolic

July 27th, 2022 - Adrian Doyle
Ashley Davies

Ashley Davies

July 27th, 2022 - Chris Mineral
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