Laneways to recovery

By Sean Car

The state government has announced a six-month project to revitalise many of the CBD’s iconic laneways as part of its post-COVID recovery plans. 

As part of the government’s Working for Victoria initiative, the program will see more than 150 jobs created with around 40 laneways to benefits from the upgrades. 

The project calls on designers, music producers, light specialists, production designers and technicians, as well as maintenance workers. 

Announced on September 19, the news follows an earlier $100 million fund established by the state government and the City of Melbourne to support the hospitality industry in the CBD return to “COVID normal”. 

Tattersalls Lane, Heffernan Lane, Flinders Court, Healeys Lane and McKillop St are among cherished CBD locations that will receive a major refresh and support local businesses. 

The first stretch to undergo revitalisation will be Westwood Lane alongside the Salvation Army’s Bourke St headquarters, with the installation of creative lighting and art designed to improve amenity and increase foot traffic in the area. Some laneways in North Melbourne and Carlton will also be revitalised as part of the initiative. 

The City of Melbourne will also contribute resources towards the project which will create a network of laneways with their own stories, visuals and acoustic designs, shedding new light on some of the city’s lesser-known laneways.

“Melbourne’s laneway culture is internationally renowned and a major asset for our city –this project will create jobs now, support our local businesses and traders and help attract more people into the city in the future,” the Lord Mayor Sally Capp said •

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