Last CBD petrol station to close

By Stephanie Zhang

Melbourne CBD’s last petrol station is set to be shut down and replaced by an apartment tower.

The 7-Eleven outlet opposite the Carlton Gardens in Victoria St is to be demolished to make way for a 20-storey tower.

The development will utilitise the City of Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy, which will add more greenery to the city and favour pedestrians over motorists.

The City of Melbourne planning portfolio chairman councillor Nicholas Reece said that the replacement has been carefully considered as a way to create a greener space, adding, “Motorists should think about filling up at the numerous service centres on the way to the city, or better still, catch public transport.”

Unfortunately, this means that CBD residents will have to travel elsewhere for fuel.

Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce executive director Geoff Gwyilm told he believes the high cost of land tax, rising number of CBD residents who do not own a car, and the rise of car-sharing models had contributed to the shrinking number of service stations. As land values in the CBD have increased greatly, owners of sites are capitalising on their assets.

For now, CBD residents can fill up at BP on Elgin Street in Carlton, or head up Flemington Road to access the 7-Eleven servo across from Royal Melbourne Hospital. They can also head to United Petroleum on Dynon Road in Kensington, or travel south to BP on Clarendon St.

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