Let’s talk about rubbish in the city

Lord Mayor Sally Capp has wasted no time getting onto the front foot to tackle waste management issues in the CBD.

On June 5, the council issued a two-page “discussion paper” called Improving Waste Collection in the Central City and is looking for feedback.

Responses can be made via: web: participate.melbourne.vic.gov.au/wasteresource-strategy; phone: 9658 9658; and email: [email protected]

The paper says some options for improving waste management in the central city are:

Extending the shared garbage compactor and recycling hub program to cover the whole central city area, allowing all businesses to use a shared service rather than needing their own bin;

Further restricting bin storage and collection from public spaces;

Controlling waste collection through a waste permit system. This could include placing conditions such as restricted collection times, electric or noise-reduced vehicles or service quality. Alternatively, the number of permits could be restricted, with a competitive tender process used to allocate permits:

Providing an expanded ratepayer service with more collections or larger bins, enabling more businesses to use this service; and

Using charging schemes such as user-pays or weight-based systems or introducing incentives for businesses to improve their waste management.

The paper also asked “what if?” and posed the following suggestions:

The city was divided into zones, with only a limited number of collection companies operating in each zone;

Shared garbage compactors and recycling hubs were provided across the whole city;

No bins were allowed to be stored or collected from streets or laneways;

Waste trucks were electric vehicles; and

City of Melbourne provided a waste service for all businesses.

Laneway management is shambolic

Laneway management is shambolic

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Ashley Davies

Ashley Davies

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