Letters to the Editor - April 2018

A soulless city?

I continue to enjoy reading each month CBD News.

I thought a couple of the stories this month (whether intentionally or unintentionally) highlighted an emerging problem I see in Melbourne, the demise of small unique businesses and institutions that make the essence of this city as a great destination to live, work and play.

CBD News this month reported on the closure of Modak Motorcycles, and the relocation of the Order of Buffaloes out of the city. The ABC News also reported on the weekend of the closure of Thomas Music in Bourke St.

It’s important we keep our heritage buildings, but are we perhaps being too focussed on bricks and mortar, and forgetting about the institutions within them, when we think about heritage?

As David Beanham of Modak Motorcycles pointed out, unless a shop sells food, it is unlikely to survive. Are we heading for a soulless city of endless food outlets and little else? Can City Hall be doing more to foster diversity in the city?

Peter Barrett


Cr Rohan Leppert and the Melbourne City Council should be congratulated on continuing to argue for a cap on poker machines in the CBD.

Melbourne’s CBD is the only place in Victoria that has no limit.

This policy belongs to a time when hardly anyone lived in the CBD. Now there are 44,000 residents. They are entitled to the same protection from gambling harm as everyone else.

Congratulations also to council for asking poker machine venues to apply for a lesser number of poker machines than they currently operate.

With some CBD venues taking over $10 million a year, its time to treat gambling like smoking and alcohol, and act to reduce the harm.

Kelvin Thompson

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