Keep up the good work

Thank you for the CBD News. Your article "Walls go up on CBD space" was very interesting.

I live opposite the Little Collins St site. A planning application was approved for a 16-storey office building on this site in 2011 which, thankfully, fell through (although it will remain current for some years).

At the time of the application I spoke to the head of open spaces at MCC and he was unaware of the approved application. The square is smack bang in the middle of the Future Melbourne Committee report, as is 447 Collins St.

I put it to him that the MCC should buy the Little Collins St land and turn it into a city park. Dexus had just lost a major lease and it may have been possible.

As for 447 Collins St, the head of open spaces was very positive about turning over half of Market St to public space but wouldn't recognise that the new space was still a lot smaller than the original.

Keep up the good work.


Precarious and insensitive

I came across the most recent edition of your publication and noticed that there is an image of two young indigenous children on the cover.

Two things concerned me, was permission sought from the parents of these two children to photograph and publish?

Another concern is the caption of the image. The fact that NAIDOC week takes place once a year and has been observed since 1956 cannot be surmised to be the single most reason for the social improvement of indigenous Australians’ (including children) livelihood.

Given the recent news of yet more physical atrocities against indigenous children in this country, I don't think it's a fair call to say that because of a week-long event that these children will have a better future. It certainly hasn't prevented what is happening currently.

Furthermore, the caption of “no one being born on the wrong side of the tracks” assumes that indigenous people are.

I think this is a precarious and insensitive caption. It makes me question how well informed your news publication is on Indigenous history and matters.


Keep politics out of it

Keep politics out of it

April 24th, 2019 - CBD News
Letters - April 2019

Letters - April 2019

March 27th, 2019 - CBD News
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