A little dog with a mind of her own

By Mindy Gill

It’s a crisp and damp winter day but I’ve been watching petite one-year-old Flossy drag her raincoat-clad owner across the footpaths and muddy garden beds of Carlton Gardens.

The Maltese shih tzu-cross has loads of personality, growling at me with bared teeth until Pamela scoops her up into her arms and soothes her with affectionate murmurs.

“She’s inquisitive. She’s very sweet. She can be aggressive. She’s definitely not placid all the time,” Pamela said.

Flossy, named after the grandmothers of, coincidentally, both Pamela and her husband Stan, lives in an Exhibition St building for part of the week and spends the remaining three days in Pamela and Stan’s second home in Daylesford.

“She has the best of both lives,” Pamela said.

“But I can’t let her off the lead in Daylesford. She won’t come back. She’s got a mind of her own,” she told me.

Wet and bedraggled with muddy little paws, it’s easy to see from her bright eyes that Flossy loves going out on her daily walks, and her owner is happy to oblige.

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