Little Miss Melbourne spreads positivity in the CBD 

By Melissa Chung

CBD resident, business owner and lifestyle blogger Sarah Harrison supports local businesses and hopes that the CBD community can live harmoniously together. 

Sarah moved to Melbourne from Perth in 2010, spending most of her time living in the CBD.

She also spent time living with her friends in Flemington when she first came, which became the catalyst for her to move into the city.

“I was on the train from Newmarket station to the city – it’s a beautiful perspective of the CBD. At that time, I knew that I don’t want to go into it everyday. I want to be there all the time,” she said.

After moving into the CBD, Sarah was taken by the varieties of bars, cafes and restaurants the city offers. She decided to share her experiences with her friends and families through Facebook which later morphed into her lifestyle blog.

“No matter where I travel, I will always miss the food here in the city. Always,” Sarah said.

Sarah thinks it is important to support local businesses because they build the city. She also enjoys it when local business owners greet her as she walks along the street.

“They feed me when I’m hungry,” she said.

When it comes to the convenience to travel from CBD to the other suburbs, she giggled: “I don’t leave the city other than to go to other cities.”

She added that it was easy for her to move around because she was completely location independent and mobile – her office is in her handbag.

Sarah believes that the CBD has matched her work and life perfectly despite sometimes feeling unsafe.

“It doesn’t feel as safe as it used to and the homeless situation has become more visible, which is a concern as a city resident and a city business owner,” she said.

“I think we need to have a solution that suits everyone. One that suits the city, suits the people who live on the street and the police. Everyone has to come together to find a solution living harmoniously together, because that’s not happening,” she said.

With an optimistic personality, she said people should not be scared. “If you avoid somewhere because of some sort of active terror or some sort of organised crime, they’re winning,” she said.

“Just be cautious. Be weary. But don’t stop,” she said.

Not only does Sarah show positivity towards CBD safety problems, but also towards her life. She handles stress through doing body balance such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates.

On top of that, her passion for her job makes her feel therapeutic while working. “Even when I have a lot of deadline, I find that really nice and calming,” she said.

Sarah believes that as long as you live your life well with integrity, you can be the best version of yourself.

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