You live here? How well do you know your city?

Residents 3000 work closely with City Precinct, an active networking group comprising many of the city’s most innovative and interesting small businesses.

Residents 3000 is a community group in the full sense of the word.  It is not just about meeting the neighbours.  We like to connect our members with the outstanding small businesses that are an indispensible part of our vibrant environment.

Last year, with the help of a small grant from the City of Melbourne, we were able to hold five special walks around the city where our members learned about some bespoke gift shops, hidden-away bars, amazing gastronomical delights and, at the same time, were introduced to some of Melbourne’s history. We call our walks the “3000 Steps” reflecting on the CBD’s 3000 postcode.  More walks are planned for this year.

Have you heard about the Festival of Steve?

City Precinct with support from the City of Melbourne hosts an annual celebration of Melbourne’s modern men.  This year the event will be on Saturday, May 28 between 11am and 6pm.  The festival gathers together designers, retailers, purveyors of classic merchandise, stylists and outfitters to rejoice in the world of the thoroughly modern gentleman.

The event brings together under one roof, local artisans, baristas and foodies, designers and merchants, stylists and entertainers who will be showcasing their beautifully crafted and designed products and services. There will also be local breweries and distilleries, showcasing their mastery by offering tastings of locally produced whisky, craft beer, wine and gin.

Steve is teaming up with ACMI for a round of traditional “Steve talks”- a series of panel discussions featuring guests and personalities from a wide range of fields. Hosted by Steve Colquohon, editor of The Age’s Executive Style, the theme this year is Martin Scorcese – his life, films and influence on masculinity and men’s style.

Residents 3000 members – both the ladies and the gentlemen – are supporting this unique event.

Coming up …

We are holding a trivia night for our March meeting.  This is where we test our members’ knowledge of their city – about the buildings, about its art and its secrets.  (Residents 3000 meet at the Kelvin Club, 14-20 Melbourne Place, on the first Thursday of every month.)

In April we are having expert speakers help us understand the problem of homelessness in the city.  What can we, as a society, do about this sad problem?

And in May, we will have several presenters who will talk about the real estate scene in Melbourne.  Our sponsors, Hocking Stuart, tell us that property valuations and trends are not uniform throughout the city.  We will learn about the characteristics of different precincts, the value people place on older established buildings versus newly-built buildings.  How will all the new developments impact on property valuations?  What about the city’s construction plans over the next 10 years?

To find out more, you may like to go to our web site at

Laneway management is shambolic

Laneway management is shambolic

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Ashley Davies

Ashley Davies

July 27th, 2022 - Chris Mineral
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