Living the high life

Fifteen-year-old Maltese shih tzu cross Jessie just loves the high life that the CBD offers.

According to her owner Anne Rogers, Jessie doesn’t miss the suburban back yard that was previously a big part of her life.

“The city is just so exciting.  We all love it here,” Anne said.

Jessie, Anne and husband Barry moved into their stunning Little Collins St apartment two years ago and haven’t looked back.

The humans love the noises, smells and bustle of the city and Jessie has become a minor celebrity on her frequent excursions to the “bathroom” in the nearby green spaces.

Anne said: “It’s either a two-cuddle or three-cuddle day from people we meet along the way.  You should see people’s faces light up when they see her.”

“I can’t believe how readily she took to apartment living.  She lives here like the Queen Mother!”

Anne and Barry are loving CBD-living too.  Anne said: “I was apprehensive at first, having lived in the same house in the suburbs for nearly 40 years.”

“I thought I would grieve for my house and garden, but I can’t tell you how much we love it here.”

“It goes to show you that you can be in a rut and still be happy.  We’re so much happier here.”

Anne likes the sound of bottles crashing into bins in the middle of the night.  She loves the sirens and, most of all, loves the regular demonstrations at nearby Parliament House.

“I think they’re happy sounds.  We rarely close our balcony door so we can hear the sounds of the city,” she said.

“What I love most is stepping out to the street and being IN it!  You can’t get that anywhere else.”

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