Lost in Flagstaff Gardens: Warren’s Leash

By Meg Hill

Badger, a one-and-a-half year old French bulldog, pretended to search avidly for his leash in Flagstaff Gardens on a cold winter Tuesday, ignoring his owner’s calls to go home.

Badger’s owner, Warren, misplaced the leash somewhere in the grass and fallen autumn leaves. A few passers-by even stopped to help with the search.

Warren, however, saw right through Badger’s search-and-rescue act.

“He just doesn’t want to go home. He never wants to go home,” Warren said.

The pair goes for a walk in Flagstaff Gardens every day without fail, and Badger never gets sick of the place.

Warren has enjoyed Badger’s company since he was a puppy, meeting him at a local pet shop and living with him in his apartment around the corner from the gardens ever since.

When asked if Badger is always as disobedient as he was that day, Warren replied with a laugh.

“It depends on his mood.”

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