Love makes the world go around!

By Susan Saunders

On Saturday, November 17 at 6pm, Rafael Camillo (our president) and Adam Velcek were married.

What a wonderful occasion for this young couple who have been together for 10 years before the big event!

Just 12 months ago when Australia voted “yes” for same sex marriage, that same day, when these two guys were in Disneyland (for some reason?), Rafael proposed to Adam.  They decided to marry in 12 months.

Why leave it so many months ahead?  Well, this was not to be an ordinary wedding.  No.  An international event was necessary, bringing together far-flung relatives from Brazil, the Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Portugal and Singapore.  People had to prepare (and maybe save up for the trip?).

Rafael and Adam organised a spectacular, gala black-tie event held at the iconic NGV International. (Note the photo taken at the current Julian Opie exhibition).

There were more than 200 guests all dressed in their best long gowns and modern-day tuxedos.  The groom’s nephews and nieces carried flowers down the aisle and looked so gorgeous in their grown-up outfits.  The children all joined in the festivities, staying up late so as not to miss one moment.

At the charming and moving marriage ceremony, we learnt how life often comes around to surprise you through chance events that make you wonder.

In Adam’s case his friends suggested that he come with them to a particular gay bar in Melbourne’s CBD.  But Adam doesn’t normally do that sort of thing … he said, but he went anyway.

On the other side, Rafael was coerced by his friends into going to the same bar (just for a bit of fun).  That is where the two met and instantly fell in love.  You ask, was it just chance or meant to be?

After the wedding, guests enjoyed cocktails and canapés in the NGV garden, reveling in the cool breeze and the sun just starting to set behind the city buildings.

We then proceeded to the huge NGV main hall where long tables were beautifully set with colourful flower arrangements and name-tag seating for everyone.  We enjoyed a top class, elegant, three course meal and specially curated music from the 70s through to the 90s, all from Adam’s own extensive vinyl collection.

There was such a wonderful family feeling about the event.  Adam and Rafael opened the dancing and then both danced with their proud mothers.  People moved about to chat with each other and took advantage of the dance floor, many times.

How could you not get up and jig around to Wake Me Up Before You Go Go with George Michael or What a Feeling from Flashdance.  In the middle of it all, Rafael and Adam cut their pure white, three-tiered, circular cake followed by more dancing. Later in the evening, everyone was able to taste the rich chocolate cake sensation including the delightfully decadent white icing.

And then, after main course, when you think there could not be any more, suddenly heads were turned towards the loud, rhythmic drumming of a Samba band marching into the grand hall.  What a surprise!  Everyone crowded around to enjoy the rhythms and the glamorous Brazilian Samba dancers.  Guests joined in, bopping around to the infectious beat.

Rafael and Adam, we at Residents 3000, wish you well with many happy years together into the future.

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Laneway management is shambolic

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Ashley Davies

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