Made-to-measure will suit you just fine

Why buy a suit off the rack when you can have a better one made to exactly fit you?

According to Oscar Hunt tailors’ founder and general manager Chris Edwards, a made-to-measure suit ticks all the boxes: fabric quality; style; construction; timelessness and fit. 

In short, it’s about value for money.

“Why would you buy a high-end brand suit off the rack when you can pay less for a  better one made just for you?” Mr Edwards asks.

“These days, it is a myth that tailor-made suits are unaffordable,” he said. 

“If you need a suit to really perform for you, you are very unlikely to find it hanging on a rack, no matter who’s name is on the inside.”

“If you put a premium on performance, that’s when you need made-to-measure.”

Operating from elegant show and fitting rooms in Hardware Lane, shopping for a suit at Oscar Hunt is a pleasure.

The business qualifies as one of Melbourne’s hidden secrets and Hardware Lane is an appropriate home to the fascinating craft that is made-to-measure suiting.

From long-forgotten markets of the 18th Century, to cloth suppliers to the city’s famed rag trade, the lane has been integral to Melbourne’s development through the decades.

It forms a classical backdrop to Mr Edwards’ dream to make premium suiting available to the average Australian male.

“I wanted to offer that wonderfully old-world service of made-to-measure tailoring at an accessible price point,” Mr Edwards said.

 “It's our aim to make every suit purchasing experience a truly remarkable one.”

Mr Edwards typifies the Oscar Hunt male: Nine-to-five, three-piece suit during the week; a relaxed silhouette at weekends.

Head tailor, Oscar Lake, learned the craft as a bespoke tailor at Hemden Shirtmakers & Tailors and transitioned to made-to-measure area in response to the current suiting trend.

“I noticed the difficulties in operating as a bespoke tailor in Australia and realised the future of suiting is in the high quality and more affordable made-to-measure,” he said.

And it wasn’t just this that inspired him. Mr Lake said: “You can't replicate the confidence of a client wearing a garment that’s tailored to every aspect of their body and to their style. Not often does anyone get exactly want they want, so it’s a special feeling.”

Oscar Hunt has a broad appeal: From older gentlemen who have a long-founded appreciation for quality tailoring to younger men who wish to step up their style and gain access to the custom-made experience.

From initial appointment to the final product, a tailored suit takes six weeks to produce, and starts from a $845, depending on the fabric used and the desired construction.

Oscar Hunt is located at Level 3, 43 Hardware Lane, Melbourne; for appointments call the showroom on 0499 000 011 and discover the fascinating craft that is made-to-measure suiting.

Or visit the website

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