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By Niccola Anthony

Max, a 10-year-old beagle shar pei cross, was recently rescued by CBD resident Jane Lee, 23.

Jane, a history student at the University of Melbourne, was searching for a rescue dog to provide companionship in her apartment located across from the Queen Victoria Market.

Jane consulted Forever Friends Animal Rescue, a volunteer-run charity that re-homes Victorian animals in need, in her search for the perfect furry friend.
“It was a very quick process, it all happened within about a week,” Jane said of Max’s adoption.
“Everyone has been really generous with their time. This is his first day in the city and I think he’s really enjoying it.”
Nhu Tran and Lynda Bruce, volunteers with Forever Friends Animal Rescue, joined Jane and Max at Flagstaff Gardens for Max’s first day in Jane’s care.

“He seems to have adapted to the city life really well. He’s been in my apartment for a while, but now we’re just seeing how he walks with the lead and how he interacts with sounds and with other dogs,” Jane said.
While Jane said that, while it would be nice to share her apartment with Max, she was preparing herself for the precocious 10-year-old’s inevitable take-over.
“It’s his apartment now, I’ve relinquished all ownership,” she joked.
If you’d like to learn more about Forever Friends Animal Rescue and their work in animal re-homing, visit

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