Meet Tiger, the Thai cocker spaniel

By Victoria Damos

Siwakarn walks her cocker spaniel Tiger in the Flagstaff Gardens nearly every day.

Siwakarn is of Thai descent and has only been living in Melbourne for four years. She purchased Tiger when he was only eight weeks old from a breeder who lives one hour outside of the CBD. Since that day, she and Tiger have been inseparable.

Tiger is a playful, loving and friendly puppy. “He really loves children and will always stop to say hello,” Siwakarn said.

Tiger is the type of puppy that is very active and charismatic. “He always makes me smile and is always so nice to have around,” Siwakarn said.

Siwakarn has a busy schedule. She works late almost every night at a Thai restaurant close to home.

“We only open late at night so I have days to myself,” she said. “I enjoy walking. It is very relaxing for me.”

“It is nice to take a break from a busy lifestyle and enjoy times with Tiger,” Siwakarn said.

“I like to exercise and keep fit, so I’m lucky Tiger is exactly the same as me and enjoys walks,” Siwakarn said.

She loves Tiger and shares a really close bond with him. She has watched him grow from a young pup into a fun-loving and bright dog and she couldn’t be happier with her “Thai best friend,” as she says.

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