Meet your friendly neighbourhood superhero

It’s reassuring to know that the world champion stick-fighter lives in the neighbourhood. 

It’s a bit like having our own superhero!

John Moore, 36, has been fighting since he was 14 and has more medals, trophies and certificates than you can poke a stick at.

He’s expert in a long-list of martial arts – having started with karate as a kid and progressed through Wing Chun, Muay Thai, boxing and kick-boxing.

In the past seven years John has won four world titles, won four international championships and has finished third in the world in kick-boxing.

It’s also reassuring to know that John is a big softy, having moved to Melbourne from his native Adelaide for love. 

And, he really is big. 

He tips the scales at 115 kg and wears size 15 shoes.

He met his fiancé Selene on a flight home from China and moved into a Franklin St apartment a year ago.

John simply loves the CBD – he loves the vibrancy, the constant change, the bustle and the fresh produce from the nearby Queen Victoria Market.

He and Selene both work from home – John as a finance broker and Selene as an interior concept designer. 

John is finding a niche financing local property purchases by international investors.

And, as his passion for marital arts is a hobby, he needs plenty of finance to fund his overseas competitions and training schedules. 

He estimates he spends $15,000 each year on flights and accommodation to fund his sport.

His world is rich in complexity and includes relationships with grand masters and even a supreme grand master in the Philippines.

Martial arts, he says, is about self-expression. 

“But sometimes it has to be used for self-defence,” he said.

John first became interested in martial arts after being confronted by a teenager with a knife when he was 14. 

An incident later in life involving 40 gatecrashers at the suburban party similarly motivated to seek the guidance of grand master Vince Palumbo.

Mr Palumbo turned John into a super heavy weight world champion within nine months.

John thinks he has at least four more years in him at the world elite level.

In the meantime, he is building his business and gaining other interests, including learning Mandarin.

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