Metro Tunnel Monthly Update: July

CBD North

Happened or happening in June

Piling in Franklin St, with about 100 piles to drill. Trucks will continue to travel in and out of the site, removing spoil and delivering concrete.

More permanent site fences installed on Franklin St between Swanston St and Victoria St. Public artwork installed along the walkway on the north side of Franklin St.

A new, permanent U-turn painted on Swanston St for vehicles approaching the super tram stop at the corner of Swanston and A’Beckett streets to avoid vehicles travelling through the tram stop, which improves safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Next stage of traffic management implemented, with more permanent site fencing erected on A’Beckett St. These changes necessary as more equipment and storage areas are needed near the shaft sites as construction activities such as piling and eventual site excavation increase. There will be changed pedestrian pathways around the site with truck movements in and out of the sites managed.


Service relocations of gas, telecom, sewer, water, and electricity along A’Beckett St and should be complete in July.

Piling in Franklin St.

Piling works start from late July in A’Beckett St.

CBD South

Happened or happening in June

The wall alongside the Dior store on Collins St demolished to allow for shaft excavation beneath.

Underground retaining wall installed along Swanston St to provide ground support around the shaft when the underground car park is being demolished.

New site fencing constructed above the new retaining wall along Swanston St. Once the new site fencing is complete, the existing temporary site fencing will be removed from outside the site, allowing for approximately one metre of extra footpath room.

Two ground anchor trials – which includes installing a number of anchors at an angle into the car park retaining walls to test the anchor design as well as the noise and vibration caused by the works –  occurring before permanent ground anchoring which will occur in July.

Demolitions within the car park underneath City Square and the Westin Hotel. These include the ticket booth, interior walls and storage sheds.

Services within the car park disconnected and relocated out of the shaft excavation path.

Soil from the surface of City Square excavated to expose the car park roof slab.

A ramp constructed within City Square to allow trucks to exit the site onto Collins St.


The car park ramp demolished in the underground car park.

Openings cut into the concrete slabs of the City Square car park to allow for crane access to deliver and remove materials once the car ramp is demolished.

Following the anchoring trials, ground anchors installed into the retaining walls on all levels of the underground car park to provide further structural support following the forthcoming underground car park demolition works.

To provide structural support within the car park underneath the Westin Hotel once the City Square car park is demolished, additional steel beams will be installed between the existing concrete columns to provide extra strength.

Laneway management is shambolic

Laneway management is shambolic

July 27th, 2022 - Adrian Doyle
Ashley Davies

Ashley Davies

July 27th, 2022 - Chris Mineral
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