Moving from surf to new turf

By Emma Hartley

CBD local Zack has brought a new face to Flagstaff Gardens – little pugapoodle Winnie. 

Winnie has recently moved from Port Melbourne where the shoreline provided the daily walking spot.

“We lived near the beach and she loved it,” Zack said.

“She can swim, but only in the shallows. She does enjoy the park, but she enjoys the beach more.”

She has a spritely character for an 11-year-old dog in her salt-and-pepper years. 

Most pugapoodles – the name given to a pug crossed with a poodle – will live from around 12 to 14 years. 

Zack admitted she looked pretty good despite her age.

“She gets mistaken for a puppy all the time,” he said. 

Zack told CBD News he was pretty sure Winnie’s name was inspired by the famous children’s stories written by A.A. Milne but was only seven years old when Winnie came into the family. 

“Possibly Winnie the Pooh,” Zack said. “It was my mum who named her.”

It might have been new terrain for Winnie, but Flagstaff Gardens could already be a welcome walking location. Winnie bounced with energy and was excited to meet new humans.  

But despite appearances, “She’s quite a lazy dog,” Zack said. “[She’s] not one for running.” •

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