Multicultural Hub turns 10 

Now in its tenth year, Melbourne’s Multicultural Hub played host to more than 100,000 people in 2017.

Its 2017 annual report shows it achieved a 95 per cent client satisfaction rate.

The Elizabeth St facility, managed by migrant and refugee settlement agency AMES Australia and owned by the City of Melbourne, provides education and social cohesion.

Manager Maria Tsopanis said: “The report shows that we are engaging the broader community.”

The facility hosted 113,253 people of various cultural backgrounds during 2017, up more than 6000 on the year before. This number includes at-risk populations such as refugees and indigenous community members.

Overall, 79 per cent of visitors surveyed reported feeling free to express their culture and faith, a statistic which improved to 91 per cent when surveying students of the Hub’s own programs.

The majority (54 per cent) of events hosted within the facility were workshops. They varied in nature from human rights training to shop and cook sessions aimed at educating young people about nutrition by guiding them through the entire process of food preparation from shop to dinner plate.

During evenings, the Hub was generally used by small community organisations hosting events such as Chinese Chess Club or Bollywood Dance; while the weekends often saw community gatherings by international students or faith-based groups

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Ashley Davies

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