On being a goddess ...

By Rhonda Dredge

What a relief it is to indulge in fantasy at the show in Craft Victoria’s new gallery in Watson Place just off Flinders Lane.

Strange headpieces for goddesses hang off the ceiling, oversized earrings dangle from imaginary ears and warrior vests in brilliant orange dissolve into the general moodiness of the display.

Perhaps humans will grow another half a metre so they can accommodate these adornments.

A sense of expansion would be fun.

Isabel Avendano-Hazbun had a grandmother who was a costume designer and her memories of the pieces have triggered off her imagination so that everything is larger than life.

She uses materials such as laminated English oak as the hooks for fabric loop earrings and upholstery and sprung steel for neckpieces.

It is up to the visitor to conjure up the wearers of these festival creations.

Craft people delve into their practice, riffing off discoveries.

The hooping of the headpiece is repeated in smaller loops for earrings and bracelets. Hard materials jut up against soft.

Craft Victoria spent 12 years at the old premises and has expanded into the new where the library is available for members to peruse and a sense of spaciousness is inviting.

Oh My Goddess. Craft Victoria, Watson Place, until 18 November.

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