Open exhaust pipes

Dear Windsor motorcyclist,

I am a casualty night nurse who, like you, engages in a shift work timetable and, as you will appreciate, need my sleep.

Due to your shift work and noisy arrival and noisy departure, I am awakened when I most need my sleep, after a sometimes heavy casualty shift, seeing many patients.

Your shift work clearly requires you to arrive either later afternoon, say Sunday afternoon approximately 3.30pm for your eight-hour shift which ends, say, after 12am Monday, or arrive say at 4am for a “day shift”, departing say 12pm on the same day.

When your shift has ended you will start up your open-piped motorcycle to commence your home journey.  Regrettably, this cannot be done quietly, and we are mystified that the Windsor Hotel continues to allow you to disturb the neighbourhood, let alone their front room guests.

You sometimes wear a motorcyclist leather jacket that has a logo emblazoned on it that “loud pipes save lives”.  Well, next time you start up your open-piped motorcycle in the early hours of the morning, think of the sleep of other persons that you are disturbing and that they also need to work.

And think of me – sleep deprived, at my casualty nursing station when an injured motorcyclist arrives.  Would you expect me to be at my best for this patient?  However, I may not be able to, due to my sleep being interrupted by your open exhaust.

Please either give up your shift work, or get a muffler for the sake of the neighbourhood.

P. Reed
Spring St

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Laneway management is shambolic

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Ashley Davies

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