Pedestrian safety a priority

Local police say they are striving towards fewer injuries to ‘vulnerable road users’ in CBD streets.

Melbourne East Police Station commander Sen Sgt Dale Huntington says the number of serious injuries to pedestrians and cyclists has fallen 13 per cent in the last 12 months.

“Numbers are down, but we are determined to see these statistics fall even further,” Sen Sgt Huntington said.

“The city is getting busier and it’s harder than ever to protect pedestrians at crossings because they are not taken seriously.”

Sen Sgt Huntington said many pedestrians considered traffic lights as “advisory” and would walk against a red signal if they thought it safe.

“A lot of these people are walking around with music playing through headphones,” he said.  “They step out because they see someone else do it and the next minute they are struck by a car.”

Sen Sgt Huntington said police were determined to change the culture around disregard for traffic signals.

“We can stand there all day handing out infringement notices but, at the end of the day, people have to take responsibility for themselves,” he said.

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Ashley Davies

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