Piling is about to start at City Square

Town Hall Station

The next phase of major construction on the Metro Tunnel Project is underway as piling works kick off at Town Hall Station’s City Square site, located on Swanston St.

Michele Dix, managing director of London’s Crossrail 2 and one of the UK’s leading public transport infrastructure experts, visited City Square and shared her experience of working on some of the world’s most complex public transport infrastructure projects.

Over the coming months, the public will be able to see the construction activity first-hand through the viewing windows on Swanston St at City Square and watch on as 148 piles are installed up to 35 metres below street level.

Piling will provide a support structure so the site can be safely excavated as we continue to build the new underground Town Hall Station, which will connect to Flinders Street Station.

Two 1000-tonne piling rigs and an 80-tonne crane were delivered to site during the night, requiring the temporary shutdown of Flinders Lane and Swanston St.

Once piling is completed early next year, a huge acoustic shed will be built over the site to minimise noise and dust impacts. There will be over 500 piles in total installed across all Town Hall Station sites at City Square, Flinders Quarter and Federation Square.

In Scott Alley off Flinders Lane, a new viewing window has been installed allowing people to peek into the worksite at Flinders Quarter where archaeology digs and construction are underway. The businesses in Scott Alley remain open for business.

State Library Station

At the northern end of the CBD, service relocation work has started in Little LaTrobe St. These works will involve moving power and gas services until mid-September and may result in some changes to traffic conditions nearby. The community will be notified in advance of any changes.

Following these service relocations, building demolition works will start in Little LaTrobe St before archaeological investigations can be undertaken by the project’s expert team of archaeologists, supported by university students and volunteers.

So far, the Metro Tunnel’s big dig has uncovered more than 200,000 artefacts across the sites in the CBD, including at LaTrobe St where the public can watch the action unfold through viewing windows on Swanston St.

For more information about the Metro Tunnel Project, visit metrotunnel.vic.gov.au, connect on social media via our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, or call 1800 105 105 (24 hours per day).

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