‘Prevaricated Frequencies’

Commuters using the Degraves St underpass have had some artistic interest added to their day with the reactivation of glass-cased artistic installations.

The 12 glass cabinets have traditionally entertained the passing crowd in the Campbell Arcade but have been dormant since January.

In a wry nod to their location and number, the glass cabinets (previously known as Platform Arts Space) have been renamed The Dirty Dozen as part of the City of Melbourne’s Creative Spaces program.

The opening exhibition, Prevaricated Frequencies, is by a group of engineers and scientists called Skunk Control.

According to art chair, Cr Rohan Leppert: “Melburnians know and love the kitsch space lurking beneath Flinders Street Station and now there is even more of a reason to explore the underground.”

‘The Dirty Dozen is great exposure for artists and it’s also a great benefit to people from all across Melbourne, who I am sure will be surprised and inspired when passing through one of Melbourne’s oldest commuter underpasses.”

Creative Spaces is an award-winning City of Melbourne program that sources, develops and manages affordable space for creative people and organisations.

The program currently manages 130 spaces that house over 150 artists.

The City of Melbourne will be taking applications for The Dirty Dozen until July 24. Application forms will be available on www.creativespaces.net.au.

For further information call 9659 9658.

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Ashley Davies

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