PSOs mark a decade of service

PSOs mark a decade of service
Brendan Rees

Victoria’s protective services officers (PSOs) have served a decade on the job with the milestone marked with a commemorative patrol in the CBD in February.

The first squad of just 18 officers has now expanded to about 1250 officers.

Officers from the inaugural squad, who graduated from the Police Academy in 2012, wore their original white shirts when they joined today’s newer recruits for a commemorative patrol at Flinders Street Station on February 22.

Assistant Commissioner Transit and Public Safety Command Dean McWhirter said PSOs continued to play a critical role on the rail network and beyond.

“Over the past 10 years the role of PSOs has evolved but their focus on keeping Victorians safe remains steadfast,” he said.

“Today we recognise their outstanding effort and dedication and look forward to their continued contribution to Victoria Police.”

PSOs are at more than 200 railway stations from 6pm until the last train service. They are also deployed to shopping centres, sporting precincts and highly populated areas to help prevent crime and support community safety.


Caption: PSO’s perform a commemorative patrol Flinders Street Station to mark a decade of service.

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