A pugtastic birthday gift 

By Medha Vernekar 

Last November, Anthony Soon decided to surprise his girlfriend for her birthday with a spirited black purebred pug who they lovingly named Pugsley. 

Mr Soon, who is a recent international business and economics graduate from Deakin University, recalls the moment he revealed Pugsley to his girlfriend who has always wished for a dog.

“She was so surprised, she thought it was a fake dog. She thought it was like a plush toy or something,” he said.

The couple deliberated getting a friendly companion for a long time before finally deciding to take the plunge after moving in together at a new apartment.

Mr Soon expected being a first-time dog owner to be a lot more challenging than how it has turned out to be.

“I thought it would be harder than what it is, going on what I heard from other people but so far it’s not too bad. I’m just learning everyday – about him and what his habits are like,” Mr Soon said.

Although he does acknowledge that there are some downsides to having a pet, including being woken up at 4 or 6 in the morning by Pugsley’s barking.

Every morning, Pugsley looks forward to getting out of the apartment to come to Flagstaff Gardens for a walk and to socialise with other dogs.

“I’m quite surprised myself because I’ve heard some pugs are not as sociable to others. He’s doing alright. I think he was the alpha pug among his siblings. He’s a really energetic pug,” Mr Soon said as Pugsley tugged at his leash, itching to run through the grass.

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