Pup needs more play space

By Nadia Dimattina 

LeeLeu, the six-month-old Jack Russell only wants to play but is restricted by living indoors.

LeeLeu’s owner, Sandra Sierra, moved to Australia from Columbia three years ago.

She believes that living in an apartment is difficult for her playful pup.

“I think its hard living in an apartment with such a small puppy as they want to exercise. I don’t think apartment living is suitable for dogs but a house would be better especially one with a garden,” Ms Sierra said.

LeeLeu’s owner loves to take her dog for walks around the CBD but is concerned for the safety of her energetic puppy.

“I can’t play with LeeLeu off the leash in the city because there are many things going on such as children, busy roads and other hazards so I think there needs to be more places in the city to take your dog to play that are fenced in,” she said.

Despite her few concerns, Sandra is loving living in the CBD and thinks it was a good idea moving here.

“I love Australia and I hope to stay here forever,” she said.

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