Questionnaire for state candidates

The City of Melbourne (CoM) is writing to all candidates and party leaders in next month’s state election to seek their views on matters of concern to it.

On September 2 councillors voted to ask 15 questions.

  Responses will be published on the council’s website.

Question 1:

Will you remove the 25,000 sqm threshold where the Minister for Planning becomes the responsible authority for planning applications, returning responsible authority status to the CoM?

Question 2:

Will you support the CoM’s housing strategy objective to require 15 per cent subsidised affordable housing through inclusionary zoning in the planning scheme in urban renewal areas and CBD?

Question 3:

Will you support the CoM’s proposed developer contribution frameworks and the levies proposed therein for its declared growth areas?

Question 4:

Will you support council’s vision for the renewal of the Queen Victoria Market and its environs, including necessary planning approvals and road closures?

Question 5:

What is your commitment to and vision for the Parkville Precinct and the Southbank Arts Precinct?

Question 6:

Will you financially support the CoM to relocate the central city library, which was created by a government grant and is now required to move?

Question 7:

Will you support the continuation of the former North Melbourne Meat Market as a government-owned arts facility, managed by the City of Melbourne?

Question 8:

Do you support the CoM’s position on the East West Link, supported by the panel assessing the Comprehensive Impact Statement, that the need for Stage B has not been justified and should not proceed, and that the impact of Stage A on Royal Park as shown in the reference design is unacceptable?

Question 9:

Will you support rationalisation of the management of the Docklands waterways and Yarra River?

Question 10:

Will you commit to the extension of the Elizabeth St tram terminus at Flinders St and the upgrade of this corner?

Question 11:

Given Melbourne is a 24/7 city, will you support improving transport services on weekends, including the opening of Flagstaff Station, noting that weekend peaks differ from weekday peaks?

Question 12:

Will you support council’s efforts to raise revenue for the acquisition of open space through changes to the Melbourne Planning Scheme to introduce stronger, mandatory open space levies?

Will you support the allocation and improvement of under-utilised government land for regional open space and recreation?

Question 13:

How will you support council to provide affordable childcare in the inner city to support the rapidly growing workforce that travel each day to the city for work?

Question 14:

Do you plan to fetter council revenue raising capacity through rate capping or any other means?

Question 15:

What additional commitments will you make, above and beyond existing government programs, to support international students in Melbourne?

Laneway management is shambolic

Laneway management is shambolic

July 27th, 2022 - Adrian Doyle
Ashley Davies

Ashley Davies

July 27th, 2022 - Chris Mineral
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