Razor wire causes concern

Residents have expressed concerns about the installation of a fence with razor wire at the entrance to Wesley Church on Little Lonsdale St. 

Residents group EastEnders first noticed the razor wire fence, blocking the church’s former publically-accessible walkway, in July.

The group said the razor wire was unsightly and contradicted Melbourne’s status as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Jenny Eltham, EastEnders’ president, said the use of razor wire was not fitting for the CBD’s appearance.

“It is an inexpensive and quick method of providing some measure of security but totally inappropriate in the CBD of a major city,” Ms Eltham said.

She also said birds and bats could suffer injuries from the razor wire.

“We have precious little animal life in the city and what we have needs to be protected and encourage.”

The residents are also concerned that the walkway through the Wesley Church yard between Lonsdale St and Little Lonsdale St has now been closed to the public.

The fenced-off site at Wesley Church’s former car park at 130 Lonsdale St has been acquired by developer Charter Hall to build a high-rise commercial office building, Wesley Place.

Charter Hall’s spokesperson told CBD News the razor wire fence was used to keep out intruders.

“Razor wire was installed because we have had some trespassers frequent the site in the past. The fence can ensure the safety of the community and ensure no one enters the site unauthorised,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said the developer could potentially replace the razor wire with construction hoardings, but it was not currently in the plan.

Ms Eltham said she has also seen a similar razor wire fence on the corner of William and Collins streets and another on Collins St.

EastEnders have contacted City of Melbourne councillor Jackie Watts about the razor wire in July.

Cr Watts soon replied and said she would contact the responsible council body to investigate whether the razor wire fence was listed in the council’s construction management plan.

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Ashley Davies

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