Relationships support technology experience

Having been based in the CBD for 23 years, Digiworld offers unparalleled service and maintains a close relationship with its clients.

For CBD business, having an IT sales and service company like Digiworld just around the corner is a terrific bonus, especially for those business that have limited access to IT resources.

Digiworld has been providing large and small CBD businesses with technological support, IT procurement and management services since 1995.

When the current owners took over Digiworld from former business partner in 2014, they did not lose any customers because the trustworthy brand image and client relationship was well maintained.

Director David Robinson said that, with in-depth industry knowledge and experience, Digiworld looked after local businesses that did not have in-house IT support and offered them with worry-free IT service.

“We have a real depth of knowledge and technology expertise that other small operations wouldn’t have. So they are providing services related to technology, but half the time they have to rely on Google to find out how it actually works, whereas we have a background of building networks and putting things together. So we get cross-leverage benefit of really strong technology expertise,” Mr Robinson said.

“So we’ve got that security background, the networking background and virtualisation background. And we’ve looked after office IT for many years, so it’s our strength,” he said.

Mr Robinson said it was important to find a team of IT experts with a wealth of knowledge in the hardware and software to avoid any unnecessary losses.

“A lot of the ‘one-man bands’ teach themselves on the fly and learn at other people’s expenses. Even if they’ve been doing it for a while, it’s very hard for one person to keep up with everything that’s changing in this world,” he said.

“When a small business buys a couple of new laptops, or a printer, they want more than the physical goods. They want an easy, convenient and fast business solution, and that means they want it to integrate into their work environment and business needs immediately,” the Digiworld team said.

“Our busy customers ask us to unbox their laptop, to set it up, to configure it to existing networks, or to create new ones.  And before long we are also setting up email, Office 365 and their wireless connection.”

“We’re happy to do it, and we do it well. This is how we build relationships with our customers and it’s what distinguishes our business from the computer retailers or online stores.  It’s also what makes our job so much more interesting than simply selling stuff,” the team said.

Digiworld also leads industry standard with its infallible service.

“We’ve built up a massive service ethic that we just nail it every time. We haven’t lost any customers over these years and we are constantly expanding our customer base. That sort of ethic is a differentiator that sets us apart from other businesses,” Mr Robinson said.

Technical support consultant David Langthaler said Digiworld’s reliability had helped maintain and strengthen its relationship with customers.

“They know they can call us anytime and we would just solve the issues for them. If anything goes wrong, one of our team members can just walk up there and provide solutions for our clients. So the proximity in the CBD also works for us,” he said.

You can find Digiworld at the ground floor of 459 Collins St’s south tower and call them on 9663 6699 to discuss your IT solut

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