Rescue dog the source of happiness

By Chelsea Cucinotta

More than three years ago, CBD residents David William Shiel and Donna Lobartolo Shiel adopted their dog Bonnie through pet rescue. 

Bonnie, who will be 10 in October, is a crossbreed Jack Russell/bull terrier.

Growing up with childhood pets, both David and Donna decided their stable home and lifestyle would be ideal for a dog.

“We have always been dog lovers, so when it came to getting a dog we thought that it would be better to rescue rather than buy,” they said.

Since her adoption, Bonnie has been nothing but a constant source of happiness for David and Donna.

The fact that she is always waiting at the door when they return from work every day puts a smile on their faces.

“She definitely gets us out more!” said the pair, who walks Bonnie every day.

Though small, Bonnie has a big personality and an even bigger appetite, with her favourite meal being chicken and rice. Yet Bonnie’s love for eating got her in trouble when she once ate a peach stone.

“We’re not sure how or where she found it, but the peach stone got stuck in her stomach and she ended up needing an operation.”

Bonnie has a few fears, which David and Donna think might come from her previous life before adoption.

“Bonnie’s afraid of the sound of motorbikes and she also dislikes cameras,” they said.

Bonnie also has an “aversion to water”, but still enjoys her walks along the beach.

When she is not walking or trying to eat everything she can, Bonnie can be found at home playing with her fluffy and squeaky toys.

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