The rescued Lulu in her backyard

By Melissa Chung

CBD resident Sai Wai was originally a foster carer, but four years ago fell in love with six-year-old rescue dog Lulu.

Sai Wai first met the Shar Pei in Geelong and was attracted her affection – she is cuddly, relaxed and calm.

Living near Flagstaff Garden, Sai Wai brings Lulu there almost everyday.

“Flagstaff Garden is literally her backyard,” she told CBD News.

According to Sai Wai, dog lovers in Flagstaff Gardens keep in contact through a Facebook private group. Residents meet up from time to time, or even dog-walk for each other. CBD doggies have strengthened the relationship between our residents!

“We come to the park because I can play with dogs and she can be petted by other people,” Sai Wai giggled.

Sai Wai has been spreading the idea of animal rescue. Lulu’s best friend Manmi, a British short-haired cat, was rescued from Second Chance Animal Rescue.

Sai Wai believes it is important for people to understand the commitment required before bringing a pet home.

“I think a lot of people buy a dog or are given a dog and think they are going to be a puppy forever and do not want to put their time and effort in,” she said.

Lulu is the second rescued Shar Pei that Sai Wai has owned.

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