Residents endorse city safety initiative

Victoria Police recently launched an innovative advice package to help residents keep themselves and their buildings safe in the city.

Residents 3000 has been involved with Victoria Police over some years addressing concerns about how people can be proactive in ensuring their personal safety in a densely-populated area such as our Melbourne CBD.

In addition, John Dall’Amico, president of Residents 3000 was particularly interested in the security of residential buildings and instigated, in collaboration with Victoria Police, a building safety check list system to cover the security of buildings and their immediate environment.

Victoria Police crime prevention officer Glenn McFarlane and members of Residents 3000 carried out trial tests of the checklist system with the co-operation of several building’s owner’s corporations and their building managers.  Residents attended a few group discussion sessions to learn from Glenn more about security and crime prevention.  At one time, during one of our neighbourhood walks, known as the 3000 Steps Walks, Glenn explained how to be aware and conscious of place and people around you when walking the city streets.

Since those early days (2014 and 2015), Victoria Police has expanded the concept and in August this year produced an innovative residential and personal security information kit as shown in the photo.

Residents 3000 recommend that readers learn more about the kit from the following Victoria Police web site:

From this site you can send an email to have a kit sent to you or you can pick one up from your local police station.

The kit is made up of a series of information cards, each of which contain useful tips and who to call if trouble arises.  The handy descriptions are easy to read and contain good practical advice.  It is the sort of package that you could hang up somewhere in a cupboard or on an out of the way wall that you can use in an emergency or whenever some security issue arises in the family.

The topics covered include tips for vertical living, Vehicle safety, how to deal with neighbourhood disputes, how to be party safe and how to avoid property damage and what to do if affected.

The kit also deals with digital crime and fraud as well as personal safety and family violence.

This educational kit is a must for all families living the CBD life and is especially helpful for our international students who are adjusting to life in an unfamiliar environment.

Residents 3000 congratulates Victoria Police for producing a great tool for our community to use and to feel safe and secure.

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