No rules

By Lorraine Ellis

Word has it that when Heesco picked up an aerosol can for the first time his peers were awestruck, such was his skill!

Since then he’s gone from strength to strength, developing his unique painting style.

Originally from Mongolia, he has been in Australia for 15 years, first settling in Sydney, where he studied fine art, and then moving to Melbourne in 2011.

This move south has been our good fortune.

It was also around this time that he became a member of Blender Studios, Blender Lane, off Franklin St in the CBD.

Heesco is one of the few street artists who makes a political comment with his work, depicting controversial people in less-than –flattering, hyper realistic portraits e.g. Gina Rinehart (in the above-mentioned Blender Lane), Citizen Murdoch and the current prime minister, a particular favourite!

Heesco’s philosophy is that it’s not creative unless there’s a message – without which, it’s just illustration!

Not one to go in for labels, like that of “street artist”, which he resists, Heesco insists that there should be “no rules”!

Although primarily a painter, he also draws, graffs, takes photos and makes videos.

In October, he exhibited his work at Tate Galleries in Glebe.

The canvases and drawings were a combination of brush and spray can (acrylic).

September saw two sensational collaborative walls with GRIMO, a pioneer and much-respected Melbourne graffer.

A Footscray piece was an anti- tagging commission for the council.

The other was a make-over of Mo Vida in Hosier Lane.

It features Heesco’s portrait of  friend and fellow graffiti artist, Hawaiian-born, WOES.

The photograph featured is at Section 8, a bar in Tattersalls Lane.

It took Heesco two and a half days to paint and it is a fine example of his unique style, which is one of discovery, exploration and constant evolution.

The other artists represented at the venue are RAD and Otis.

Section 8 is a great spot for an after- work drink with ‘Sheepy’!

Heesco is currently in New York working on a commissioned mural for a cafe in  Manhattan.

After this, he will return to grace our streets with more awe-inspiring pieces!

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