Security audit an ‘eye-opener’

A security assessment of a CBD apartment block by Residents 3000 has revealed a substantial list of potential safety and security improvements.

Working with the former owners’ corporation chair and building manager, the audit was an “eye-opener” for all concerned.

Residents 3000 vice-president Dr Sue Saunders said a number of improvements had flowed from the exercise, but that OC members responsible for the building and its safety should probably conduct the self-assessment annually.

“With training and guidance, there’s no reason why committee members and residents can’t conduct their own audits in subsequent years,” Dr Saunders said.

The assessment covers general issues, fences and gates, landscaping, security lighting, mailboxes and essential services, doors, windows, property identification, telephone systems, fire exit doors, and alarm systems.

The 89-point self-assessment tool has been developed by Victoria Police specifically for inner-city residential apartments.

Residents 3000 has adopted the project as part of the wider City Safety 2015 campaign.

Real estate agents Hocking Stuart last month offered to come on board to support the campaign.

CBD office director Scott McElroy said his company saw great benefit in working with Residents 3000 and local residents to improve city safety.

“The CBD is a great place to live, but it also comes with some specific challenges which we need to address,” Mr McElroy said.

Victoria Police crime prevention officer Glenn McFarlane is conducting a session for residents on the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) later this month.

Leading Snr Constable McFarlane said these principles, which included natural surveillance, access control, territoriality, target hardening and capable guardians, were at the heart of the self-assessment tool.

Residents 3000 wants to hear from other buildings within the CBD wishing to conduct a safety audit.

OC Committees and individual residents wishing to know more about the April 27 session should contact Residents 3000 via [email protected]

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