“Senseless” graffiti vandals target city

By Brendan Rees

Graffiti vandals have been defacing buildings and empty shop-front windows in the CBD in what a residents’ association has described as “shocking” and “senseless”.

According to Jenny Eltham of the EastEnders group, incidents of graffiti had become an increasing issue – with vandals targeting Elizabeth St, Little Bourke St, Bourke Street Mall and the Royal Children’s Hospital.

A City of Melbourne spokesperson said city cleanliness was a priority with teams regularly patrolling the city to identify litter and graffiti “so it can be dealt with quickly”. 

“We need everyone to play their part by using the available bins, and reporting any areas that need attention,” the spokesperson said.

The council confirmed it had cleaned more than 70,000 square metres of graffiti within the municipality in the past year – more than three MCG playing fields.

The City of Melbourne said it reported graffiti that required action to private businesses. 

Graffiti and littering can be reported via the council’s website •

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Ashley Davies

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