Shock after thieves take off with bike wheels

Shock after thieves take off with bike wheels

By Brendan Rees

A CBD office worker has told of her shock and frustration after thieves stole the wheels of her bike at the front of her workplace during the sixth lockdown. 

Kathryn Anderson, who is the director of Viva Physiotherapy in Flinders Lane, said she was at work in September 16 when the theft occurred despite having locked up her bike on a street hoop bike rack. 

She said she didn’t realise her wheels – worth about $450 – had been stolen until she had left her office about 7.45pm. 

“I came downstairs and there was my poor little bike just a frame and no wheels,” she said.

“They had quick release wheels, so it would’ve taken them very long to take them off and walk off.”

“No one’s around watching so they’re probably more brazen.”

Ms Anderson said she had been locking up her bike in the city for the past 12 years and “never had any problems”.

It comes as recent research from Bicycle Network revealed City of Melbourne was in the top five suburbs with the most bike stolen in 2020. 

Victoria Police crime prevention officer Leading Senior Constable Glenn McFarlane of Melbourne East Police Station urged cyclists to lock their bikes and engrave them with an identifying number.   

“Wrap it like a Christmas present,” he said in reference to using two locks to secure the frame and wheels of a bike to prevent thieves stealing quick release wheels.    

To book an engraving appointment at the Proactive Policing Unit in East Melbourne call 9637 1100. 

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