From show dog to city gal 

By Medha Vernekar 

Ruby, a 10-month-old Welsh Pembroke Corgi, takes a break from the spotlight as a former show dog to stroll around the Flagstaff Gardens with her owner Lynda Clark. 

Ms Clark, who has been living in West Melbourne for two years now, adopted Ruby last October with her husband from a show dog breeder in Portarlington on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Last year, Ruby performed in the Royal Melbourne Show in the puppy class and scored third place.

“Her sister, however, won everything in her class,” Ms Clark said.

“They kept her sister but we were fortunate enough to have her”.

When Ms Clark and her husband first got Ruby, she was very different from the city-adjusted dog she is now.

“She was very timid when we first got her and very wary of strangers. She freaked if she saw another dog that wasn’t a Corgi. But overtime she has become very sociable,” she said.

Now, Ruby spends her time meeting different dogs and also gets together for play dates with another friendly pooch, Scarlett.

Other times, she loves wrecking cardboard and plastic bottles and getting a squeak out of her toy.

“She a little bit of a tart, she’ll roll over and expose her belly and she’ll expect you to kneel down and give her a good belly scratch” Ms Clarke added as Ruby made her way to socialise with a white poodle nearby.

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