So long, Scoop

By Sean Car

Vale Shane Patrick Scanlan – 1958 to 2021

This newspaper’s founding publisher Shane “Scoop” Scanlan died suddenly at his home in Blackwood in May. He was 63 years old. 

Shane truly was one of a kind. An “old soul” who immersed every ounce of himself into the art of journalism; from putting pen to paper right through to delivering the actual publicationhimself. 

Whether it was by cargo bike, scooter or on foot, you could often spot him in his unmistakable Akubra doing the rounds in his beloved Docklands, or dashing across the river to Southank, with pen, notepad and camera at the ready.  

To borrow a line from his close friend Doug Jarvis, Shane was “a bloodhound with the tail of a Labrador”. 

While his dogged desire for his next “scoop” was unrelenting, his passion for the Docklands community, and those who made it special, was unwavering. 

And it was through his first and original community vehicle, Docklands News, into which he poured so much of himself, ever since its first edition in 2003. 

Where others threw stones at Docklands, Shane never missed the opportunity to staunchly advocate on its behalf. 

Never was there any fear in creating a bit of havoc, or treading on a few toes, so long as it meant getting things done for the ever-evolving Docklands community. 

And through his passion and love for Docklands, he’s had a profound impact on so many people’s lives – more than he ever could have imagined. 

It was a passion he would carry over to neighbouring central-city communities, through Southbank News and CBD News, right up until his retirement two years ago. 

Across the city, and indeed right throughout far wider circles, there will be people feeling the shock of his loss for some time, but none more so than his wife Louise, his boys Patrick, Ryan, Courtney and Clancy, and his entire family, to whom we send all of our love. 

But while we will forever miss his presence, it’s important we can celebrate the life that was, and the legacy he leaves behind; a legacy continued through this very newspaper. 

As a friend and a mentor, few have had a more profound impact on my life and I’ll forever miss having him in my corner. 

So long, Scoop. Thank you for everything •

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