A very suit-able experience

By Shane Scanlan

“Tailor-made”. I've always associated the term with a cigarette that didn’t need to be rolled.  So my recent first experience of having a suit made for me has been certainly a special delight.

I’ve been in denial for a good while now about my need for a new suit.  I've got two – and they were great in the 1990s. Both of them are hardly worn and are terrific for funerals. But, if you need a suit for work, it’s probably better to go casual (I’m too cool for a suit) than old-school.

Like many aspects of life, there is a language surrounding fashion.  People who are into it can read it. They notice the small things – details like fabric and cut and, mostly fundamentally, fit.

Elitist? Most certainly. But if you are going to willingly jump into a tank of sharks, why wouldn't you want to blend in with the rest of them?

It comes down to giving yourself every advantage. Covering the bases. And, with a tailor-made suit costing about the same as a top “brand”, why not get one that fits perfectly.

No one is going to look inside your jacket for a brand name, but some will no doubt notice if your jacket collar sits some distance from your shirt collar (someone should tell Daniel Andrews).

These details are taken care of as part of the process at Oscar Hunt tailors in Hardware Lane. And the guys there were not quite what I was expecting. More hipster than traditional tailors, facial hair, tattoos and piercings abound.  It’s all very now. And they know their stuff.

They’ve achieved an amazing blend of classic and cool.  Leather lounges, whisky at the bar, Harris tweed if that’s how you roll juxtaposed with a New York loft-type studio and designer chic.  The service is old-world and the advice is based on deep knowledge and experience.

He may wear cutting-edge contemporary styling himself, but tailor Lachie’s pertinent questioning and patient guidance around my needs and motivations quickly assured me I was under no pressure to wear slightly-too-short, tight trousers without any socks!

Time was spent talking about fabrics and colours.  With a seemingly unlimited combination of factors, no two suits would ever be the same.

Lachie explained as he measured, the science around how to get a perfect fit on every body. Allowing a bit more here. Trimming a bit there. Offering and recommending a smorgasbord of cuts, collars, buttons, cuffs, pleats, pockets, etc.  Being measured and educated during the first appointment was thorough enjoyable.

Some weeks later a second fitting with Aaron was also relaxed and professional.  Small adjustments were agreed upon and a further, final, appointment was confirmed for a final check and delivery.

Feeling slightly taller and self-assured, I too have started reading the language of proper fitting and cut suits.  It’s like wearing shark repellant.

Oscar Hunt suits start at less than $1000 and take six weeks to make.  They can be found on the third floor at 43 Hardware Lane.  Ring 9670 6303 or see www.oscarhunt.com.au for more details.

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