There’s no place like home

By Khiara Elliott

Although he is an extensive traveller, Matthew Taylor always comes back to the CBD.

Born here in Melbourne, Mr Taylor took his first major trip on his first birthday when he and his family moved to Saudi Arabia for his father’s engineering job.

It was four years later when Mr Taylor and his family fled Saudi Arabia to escape the first Gulf War.

Mr Taylor had already begun studying in the international schooling system before returning to Australia.

At 16 years old, Mr Taylor participated in an exchange program. He lived and studied in sister-city Tianjin, China.

After six and a half years of law and commerce studies, Mr Taylor graduated and took off again, this time to Europe. He spent nine months travelling and living in Paris.

“Before starting my legal degree I’d always said I wanted to live overseas and I’ve always had a great affinity for Paris,” he said.

Upon his return, Mr Taylor hopped off the plane and began working in the CBD the very next day.

He moved into an apartment on McKillop St and found the location perfect for balancing his personal life with a demanding work schedule.

“Everything was on my door step, rather than having to travel. It meant that I got more sleep, I had the time to exercise and look after myself and spend with my partner at the time.”

After a year on McKillop St, Mr Taylor moved into another apartment near the Queen Victoria Market where he has been for the last two years.

He said that although the move was really just a few blocks, the transition felt much bigger.

“Being on the very northern outskirt has really changed my view of feeling like I’m still in the city. We look over the northern suburbs where there’s no buildings, so you don’t really feel like you’re still in the CBD after work.”

Taking full advantage of being so close to the market, Mr Taylor said he did his grocery shopping there on weekends and tried to pop in at least once during the week. He described the quality of produce as a “blessing”.

An active member of the arts and culture working group of private social organisation Henley Club, Mr Taylor pursues his creative passions of painting and writing in his (rarely found) spare time.

He has found a way to combine these passions through social enterprise MET, where he is the co-founder and director.

MET creates products such as bags and t-shirts that are inspired by classic works of literature. 100 per cent of its profits goes towards helping disadvantaged children learn to read.

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